Writing Remix

A Podcast about Language, Art, and Pedagogy


The Writing Remix Podcast is hosted by Dan Dissinger and Katie Robison, faculty members of the Writing Program at the University of Southern California.

“All writing is in fact cut-ups.”

William Burroughs

The podcast takes as its starting point the idea that the art of writing, especially in today’s digital culture, is in essence the art of the remix. As we play with language, build on the works of other writers and artists, write across different genres and media, and revisit and revise our ideas about the world and ourselves, we are remixing.

“The remix artist, i.e. the postproduction medium who has access to Source Material Everywhere, must out of necessity, intuitively jam with all forms of multimedia language in order to create fictional versions of their creative self.”

Mark Amerika, remixthebook

The podcast features our conversations with talented writers, scholars, and artists, both at USC and beyond. As writing instructors, we often link these discussions back to pedagogy and the composition classroom as we consider how to meet our students in the digital age.

Our goal should not be to choose one pedagogy over another, but rather to consider how we can recombine them—remix them—in ways that can enable us to develop a more nuanced and complex view of what it means to teach composition in the contemporary digital moment.

Jason Palmeri, Remixing Composition

Whether you’re a student or instructor, writer or artist, Writing Remix has something for you. As Dan says, “Welcome on the journey!”

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About Your Hosts

Daniel Dissinger is an Assistant Professor in the Writing Program at the University of Southern California. He earned his PhD and MA from Saint John’s University as well as an MFA from The Jack Kerouac School of Disembodied Poetics at Naropa University.  Dan’s dissertation examined the early, pre-On the Road novels of Jack Kerouac and the reflective writing properties of the “Duluoz Legend.” Dan’s poetry has been published in a variety of journals, and his first chapbook, tracing the shape…, was published by Shadow Mountain Press in 2012. 

Katie McNey (Robison) is a Lecturer in the Writing Program at the University of Southern California. She earned her PhD in English at the University of Minnesota, where she worked on fourteenth-century dream poetry and its reflection of psychosomatic approaches to health in the late Middle Ages. She is also a writer of speculative fiction and co-host of the feminist literary podcast, Witches in Britches.