65: Documenting the Nickelodeon Story w/ Scott Barber

In Episode 65, Dan Dissinger talks with filmmaker Scott Barber about storytelling through documentary, why Nickelodeon was such a positive creative force in the early 90s, and the role of writing when making a documentary. And who can forget GWAR. Scott made his directorial debut with his film, The Orange Years: The Nickelodeon Story, featuring KenanContinue reading “65: Documenting the Nickelodeon Story w/ Scott Barber”

52. Working in Community w/ Atia Sattar

In Episode 52, we talk to Atia Sattar about the power of meditation groups and affinity spaces for people of color, how storytelling and the acknowledgement of our embodied experiences empowers both students and faculty, and the importance of community for creating a humanized academic experience.