72. Life After the Ph.D. w/ Dr. Steven Mentz, Dr. Meghan P. Nolan, Dr. Melissa Rampelli, & Dr. Daniel Dissinger

In Episode 72, Dr. Steven Mentz of the Saint John’s University English Department interviews three SJU Alums about what academic, writing, and teaching life is like after the Ph.D. This was a special episode for Dr. Mentz’s graduate theory course, and some of these questions come straight form his students

40. Running a Small Press w/ Jane Ormerod & David Lawton of Great Weather for Media

In Episode 40, Dan and guest host Aimee Herman talk to Jane Ormerod and David Lawton of Great Weather for Media about running a small press during a pandemic, the power of poetry, and tips for submitting creative work.

29. (Im)Perfecting the Novel w/ Amy Meyerson & Natalie Hallak

In Episode 29, we talk to Amy Meyerson and Natalie Hallak about Amy’s newest novel, The Imperfects. Along the way, we chat about writing research-based fiction, the collaborative nature of publishing, balancing writing and reading with other responsibilities, and using the F-word.