99. Bringing the Grad Student Persepctive w/ Leah Rubinsky

Dan welcomes Leah Rubinsky, PhD candidate at the University of Washington and podcaster, to dive deeply into the grad student experience, confronting academic writing genres and styles, writing workshops and feedback, and the challenges of subverting the dissertation style to fit one’s research. Leah also talks about her research on “bad” mothering in Colombian andContinue reading “99. Bringing the Grad Student Persepctive w/ Leah Rubinsky”

97. What the High School Teachers Teach w/ Julia Reade

Dan welcomes Julia Reade from Nova High School in Seattle, WA to discuss the need for collaboration and communication between college professors and K-12 instructors, her experience teaching at Nova and applying an inquiry model of education, her amazing project “What Would the Mushrooms Say?” her experience as a doctoral student in Kentucky at MurrayContinue reading “97. What the High School Teachers Teach w/ Julia Reade”

96. Writing Remix at CCCC 2023 in Chicago, IL

On this special episode, Dan talks with participants at the 2023 CCCC (Conference on College Composition and Communication) in Chicago, IL. Special thanks to everyone that took the time to talk, and thank you to the conference organizers. You’re going to hear about Awe Walks from Professor Jessica Shreyer, student podcast projects from Professor MichaelContinue reading “96. Writing Remix at CCCC 2023 in Chicago, IL”

94. Preserving Oral Histories w/ Professor Lilit Keshishyan

Dan welcomes USC Writing Program instructor Professor Lilit Keshishyan to discuss the power of oral histories, her work with My Armenian Story at The Institute of Armenian Studies. She speaks about the impact of The Armenian Genocide & Diaspora, sheds light on what happened to Armenians during WWII, and so much more. This is such a deep episodeContinue reading “94. Preserving Oral Histories w/ Professor Lilit Keshishyan”

93. Unpacking the Power of Rhetoric w/ Roseann Corey

Dan welcomes Roseann Corey from Rosemont College to discuss how rhetoric can bring communities closer, navigating the competitive academic market, breaking the unwritten rules of academic writing with creativity, communicating across multiple generational gaps peacefully, multimodality, and so much more. Read and download the full transcript of this episode at the bottom of this post.

64: Performing Arts Advocacy w/ Viva Vinson

In Episode 64, Dan Dissinger talks with Vocalist/Educator/Actor/Writer Viva Vinson about the positive impact of performing arts education, overcoming Dyslexia and ADHD, and harnessing the power of the performing arts to have deeper DEI discussions with students and teachers. Born of an Italian American mother, and African American father, Viva has always had multiple artisticContinue reading “64: Performing Arts Advocacy w/ Viva Vinson”