99. Bringing the Grad Student Persepctive w/ Leah Rubinsky

Dan welcomes Leah Rubinsky, PhD candidate at the University of Washington and podcaster, to dive deeply into the grad student experience, confronting academic writing genres and styles, writing workshops and feedback, and the challenges of subverting the dissertation style to fit one’s research. Leah also talks about her research on “bad” mothering in Colombian andContinue reading “99. Bringing the Grad Student Persepctive w/ Leah Rubinsky”

83. Writing From the Velvet Ditch w/ Up and Coming Writer Elz

To celebrate National Poetry Month, Dan invites Elz on to discuss the release of their debut book did I tell You What Happened? a fragmented memoir, living & writing in Oxford, MS, the role writing plays to communicate and navigate Bipolar Disorder and Major Depressive Disorder, why we still have the need for genres, andContinue reading “83. Writing From the Velvet Ditch w/ Up and Coming Writer Elz”

52. Working in Community w/ Atia Sattar

In Episode 52, we talk to Atia Sattar about the power of meditation groups and affinity spaces for people of color, how storytelling and the acknowledgement of our embodied experiences empowers both students and faculty, and the importance of community for creating a humanized academic experience.

31. Exploring Voice & Genre w/ Ellen Wayland-Smith

In Episode 31, we talk to Ellen Wayland-Smith about her new book. We also talk about teaching students genre and how to incorporate voice and personal experience into academic writing.