2. Engaging Community w/ Ben Pack & Emily Artiano

In our second episode, we talk to Professors Emily Artiano and Ben Pack about working with community partners, deconstructing hierarchies in the classroom, and experiencing things alongside their students. You can learn more about Emily here and Ben here.

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People and Texts Mentioned in this Episode

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“[Rewriting the prompt to be more inclusive] seems to have had a really great effect on the way that students feel like they can write about their differences at USC. One thing I know I’m going to be much better about in the future is not gearing the class toward an assumption about what students would consider different.

Emily Artiano

“We move through the world in so many different ways and so many different spaces, and so if the class can begin to open up and dissect the information that’s being privileged so we get more diverse voices then I think that actually does a lot for [students’] critical thinking skills…It shows them how they can pull ideas from anywhere.”

Ben Pack

“I think that there is value to students seeing you experience something with them.”

Emily Artiano

“My favorite moments as a teacher now absolutely happen outside the classroom.”

Ben Pack

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