4. Healing through Language w/ Aimee Herman

Episode 4 continues our special series on teaching and writing during COVID-19. In this episode we talk to novelist, poet, and professor Aimee Herman about coping with anxiety during this particularly stressful time, caring for our students and ourselves, and finding solace in language. You can learn more about Aimee here.

Please be aware that, because we recorded via Zoom, there are some slight audio issues, especially at the beginning of the episode.

Texts mentioned in the episode

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“[Online teaching] feels like this weird movie; you know, we’ve got our headphones on like we’re playing a video game together, and that game’s called Learning.”

Aimee Herman

“This is a hard time for teachers…Little do [students] know that them being there is what’s keeping me going…I think for us as teachers we need to be as patient as we can be right now, mindful that not everybody’s circumstance is the same.”

Aimee Herman

“Language always has an important role in day-to-day life, whether we’re going through a pandemic like this or we’re not. Words are one way in which we can create bridges toward each other and create these alphabetical band-aids to make us feel as though, okay I can get through this hour, I can get through this day…Language is going to save us, in every way.”

Aimee Herman
Serious podcasting in progress

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