12. Reassessing Assessment w/ Brent Chappelow

In Episode 12 we talk to Dr. Brent Chappelow of the USC Writing Program about writing about writing, grounding assignments in students’ personal experience and identity, shifting our focus away from grammar, reevaluating how we assess (and grade) student work, adopting a pedagogy of kindness, and bringing it back to the Greeks.

You can learn more about Brent here.

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“I think a lot of our students aren’t encouraged to come into the class knowing that they have important things to say.” @BChappelow

“If I’m not letting my students start with themselves…it’s not reflecting that process that I’m using in my own writing.” @BChappelow

“We can change our classes, but if we’re coming back to the same old thing to assess those students…we’re not really affecting meaningful change.” @BChappelow

“Grading student writing and assessing student writing are two very different things that we continue to conflate.” @BChappelow

“The more we de-emphasize grading and move away from giving grades, that’s where writing happens. That’s where risk happens.” @BChappelow

Please note: this episode was recorded on March 6. Our theme song is “4 am” by Makaih Beats. You can subscribe to the podcast on Apple PodcastsSpotify, and Stitcher and follow us on Twitter @writingremixpod.

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