35. Transforming as a Writer w/ Nate Jordon

In Episode 35, we talk to writer, photographer, and RV-er Nate Jordon about masculinity, fatherhood, vulnerability, and coming into your own as a writer. We also talk about seeing beyond the myth of our literary idols, combining writing with other skills, getting involved in your community, pitching your work, running a small press, and writing from the road.

Nate Jordon is a writer and photographer in Pueblo, Colorado. After decades of traveling and working in several beautiful states, Nate has finally planted roots in 2020. His passion for Colorado began in 2006, when he originally moved to Boulder for graduate school. Nate continues to travel with his wife and three kids, exploring the Centennial State and the entire Southwest. His musings about travel, his tragic attempt at full-time RVing, his misadventures in Dadhood and all things Dadlife and other viscera can be found at natejordon.com and screamsfromthetrees.com.

People and Texts Mentioned in the Episode

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“I wanted to experience the edges of reality…My attitude was if I don’t have these experiences, I’ll have nothing to write about…Well, I’ll tell you, I kind of had a reality check.” @NateJordon

“Having all of these life experiences that were basically one imaginary Beat party after another, to all of a sudden facing death, tragedy, grief, heartache, it not only transformed who I was, but it transformed my work.” @NateJordon

“Our culture is built upon myth-making.” @NateJordon

“It comes part and parcel sometimes with what we do; there’s drugs and alcohol involved, but the message gets misconstrued, and the reality is for all the drinking and the drugs that are involved in the arts, it doesn’t really create art. It just creates alcoholics and drug addicts. It destroys lives and relationships. That’s the truth.” @NateJordon

“What really matters is the work.” @NateJordon

“In writing, I think there’s this idea of having a plus one. Like if you’re a good writer, that’s great…but if you add another skill, it makes you a little more marketable…[Photography] was my plus one.” @NateJordon

“I started getting involved in the community, and that led to a book deal.” @NateJordon

“Learning about the publishing world was transformative.” @NateJordon

“”If you write it someone will listen…If it’s just one person, maybe that is who you need to be writing to, not trying to meet the arbitrary demands of an audience you don’t know about.” @NateJordon

“I wake at 4:35 in the morning to write because I love it, not because anyone is paying me for it.” @NateJordon

“It’s not about the money, but at some point the money does become important.” @NateJordon

“Vulnerability is the most powerful force behind all art.” @NateJordon

“I opened myself up and started becoming more human in my work.” @NateJordon

This episode was recorded on November 9. Because we recorded via Zoom, there may be occasional audio hiccups. Our theme song is “4 am” by Makaih Beats. You can subscribe to the podcast on Apple PodcastsSpotify, and Stitcher and follow us on Twitter @WritingRemixPod.

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