97. What the High School Teachers Teach w/ Julia Reade

Dan welcomes Julia Reade from Nova High School in Seattle, WA to discuss the need for collaboration and communication between college professors and K-12 instructors, her experience teaching at Nova and applying an inquiry model of education, her amazing project “What Would the Mushrooms Say?” her experience as a doctoral student in Kentucky at Murray State University while CRT (Critical Race Theory) was/is under attack, and so much more. Read and download the full transcript of this episode at the bottom of this post.

Julia Reade currently teaches at Nova High School, a public alternative school with a focus in racial and gender equity, in Seattle, Washington. A National Board Certified Teacher, she has worked in Seattle Schools as a Special Education Teacher for 11 years, and holds endorsements in Secondary ELA, Special Education, and Health and Fitness. Julia holds a BA in English and Philosophy and a Master’s in Teaching from the University of Washington. She is currently working towards a MA in English Literature and DA in English Pedagogy at Murray State University, K-12 Ethnic Studies endorsement, a Graduate Certificates in Women’s and Gender Studies, Africa and African Diaspora Studies. Native American Studies, and Chicana/o Studies. Julia’s current projects include developing in tandem with classmates, colleagues and students pedagogy that centers the experiences of those furthest from justice. Julia resides in Seattle’s Central District with her two school-aged children and cow dog, Cyrus. 

Nova High School’s Free Queer Little Library: https://www.instagram.com/novahsqueerlittlelibrary/?scrlybrkr=9f91e256

People and Texts Mentioned in the Episode

“I don’t understand why there aren’t more conversations, […] why there is this delineation between […] secondary pedagogy and […] post-secondary pedagogy and praxis.”
-Julia Reade

“I remember [when I was in college] professors talking about how students land in their classes, not able to write and like asking […] ‘What are these high school teachers teaching them?’ Well, have you asked them?”
-Julia Reade

“I think it would be super useful for both high school teachers [and college professors] to do learning walks […] to go onto a college campus and say, go to one of your classes that is teaching, you know a 100 Writing course and then vice versa […] inviting you into my classroom, for example, so that you can get a feel for what’s going on there, because my students […] are going to be your students.”
-Julia Reade

“[Nova High School] does posit itself as being democratically run […] we say we’re a consent-based school, so teaching good consent without also falling into the […] trap of enabling or […] not giving enough structure for adolescents to learn within a safe place to make healthy decisions for themselves.”
-Julia Reade

“What we’re trying to move away towards, as a school, is setting up a classroom around, okay, everybody now is writing an essay, okay, now everybody is doing this thing […] Instead, [we’re] moving towards an inquiry model that encourages students to choose a pathway based on the competency that they’re demonstrating.”
-Julia Reade

Episode 97 Transcript

This episode was recorded on April 15th, 2022. The theme song is “4 am” by Makaih Beats. You can follow the podcast on Apple PodcastsSpotify, and Stitcher, join the newsletter for a bunch of extras (a Note From Dan, episode-specific writing prompts, and book recommendations, & follow us on Twitter @WritingRemixPod & Instagram @WritingRemixPod.

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