49. Reflecting on a Year of Writing Remix w/ Dan & Katie

It’s our birthday! In Episode 49, we reflect on some of the many impactful moments from our first year of doing the podcast, how our pedagogy and personal lives have changed as a result of this project, and how podcasting can help positively shift university culture. 

People and Texts Mentioned in the Episode

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“[The podcast] has helped me think about things in such a different way…Hopefully our listeners have a had a similar experience, where this provided something useful, something that you were able to implement in the classroom. For me, it was like every time we did an episode, I’m like, okay, that’s something I’m going to do right now!” @KatieARobison

“I’m glad that we did decide to do a weekly episode […] I think it just made everything more immediate. We could respond to what was happening in the moment, and it was really just kind of a great archive of a really tumultuous year.” @KatieARobison

“Having to activate dialogue weekly, on a constant basis, and also an exchange of ideas really put that into perspective of what that really means to be invited in [dialogue].” @ddissinger

“We’ve really tried to be very direct in our conversations about naming white supremacy and racism and systems of oppression. ” @KatieARobison

“We were really paying attention to making the podcast a space where we don’t just talk about pedagogy and writing but open it up to making our platform someone else’s platform.” @ddissinger

“I feel like what we’re doing with the podcast, and what podcasts do, is take that academic gatekeeping and knock it down.” @ddissinger

“What people are doing in conference presentations–let’s make that available to more people, not just within the academy, but also outside of it. And then let’s invite people who are outside to come share their ideas [so] it’s a real mélange. I think that’s what the university needs in order to survive.” @KatieARobison

“When you and I set out to make this podcast…[we] talked very deeply about making sure that this isn’t just about composition and rhetoric, that this is a languaging and communication podcast, that it’s got a humanistic approach.” @ddissinger

“We owe so much to everyone who’s come on the podcast, and we’re just so deeply grateful for everyone who shared their experiences with us and their work and their stories.” @KatieARobison 

“It really puts into perspective how much people, when you ask them to talk about what they are passionate about, they want to do that.” @ddissinger

“The one thing that I love about what we’re building, and what all the guests we’ve had on came on and did, was create a vulnerable space […] in that bell hooks way from Teaching to Transgress, to reconnect that disembodied, intellectual body.” @ddissinger

“It really created more than just a writing conversation. It was a human conversation, that we sometimes lose in a conference. The conference experience is so disembodied sometimes.” @ddissinger

“What I love about podcasting is that it brings that embodiment. It’s part of the medium. We’re here sharing these ideas and they’re attached to my voice and my body. There’s not that distance that the article provides, where you don’t know anything about the person writing it.” @KatieARobison

“When it comes to the experiences of women, of people of color, of queer people, of disabled people, that embodiment is central to who they are, to their experience in the world, and academia is so often trying to force us towards this neutral default place […] the experience of the straight, white, cis man. That’s what we’ve all been forced to adopt, that sort of voice or positionality, presumed positionality, in our writing, and we’re trying to push against that. And I think the podcast really helps us do that […] We are embodying our ideas as we talk about it, as we converse and dialogue and just speak in our natural voices.” @KatieARobison

“There are no rules.” @KatieARobison

“That’s what’s great about podcasting. They are a product of our passion because no one is paying us to do this […] We’re 100% doing this because we feel like it’s important and we want to highlight all of these ideas and voices and experiences.” @KatieARobison

“It’s 100% passion-driven, and that’s what then infuses my teaching and my goals and my ambitions in academia.” @KatieARobison

“We have to feel joy and love for what we’re doing, especially as educators I think, otherwise what am I giving my students?” @KatieARobison 

“So, like a thousand more episodes, right?” @ddissinger

This episode was recorded on February 22, 2021. Because we recorded via Zoom, there may be occasional audio hiccups. Our theme song is “4 am” by Makaih Beats. You can subscribe to the podcast on Apple PodcastsSpotify, and Stitcher and follow us on Twitter @WritingRemixPod.

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